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You're their fearless leader, after all; it's not considered good form. Yana gupta nude video. I also don't really think we need to contemplate who Emma goes with next, simply because she is a powerful enough character not referencing her mutant power here to be both sustainable and interesting on her own. Did you enjoy the lessons? Babs is beginning to annoy me Scott laughed shakily and clung to him tighter.

If Namor and Emma got together and left the X-Men than I knew it wouldn't be Aunt May or Agatha Harkness! I'm glad I have you. In short the writers acted like that angler who first inserts the bait in the hook and then throws the fishing pole. Scott summers naked. Sighing in defeat, he grabbed Summers by the arm and dragged him down the hall to Logan's own room.

It was like he was embarrassed to be near you! It would was an act of complete break with Xavier, an act able to anticipate the events of schism ten years and there was Jean at the side of Scott, not Emma. Log in Sign Up. It's time for when Jean to come back that they toss aside that story and explore a different path. He isn't even gay.

Scott summers naked

I just want to imagine his mind-scape looking like some sort of super slow motion trainwreck. Don't get me wrong, theres and argument that can be made that without a woman by his side especially with the tone of the 90's Scott would've looked weak for alot of his run as a character. Asian lesbians fingering each other. Once it was clear Summers was asleep, Logan pulled away and walked across the room.

I miss Emma being more of an actual leader. Y-- Oh, no, you don't, Xavier. Morrisons run is very important for Marvel and the X-Men, but it is very overrated. He sees right through your touch act and loves to hear you play. It was the best invitation he was going to get, even though he hadn't been consciously looking for one. He only knew two things for sure. Scott tried to push himself up on his elbows, to slide out and away from the man above him, but he was too strong.

Don't roll away from me when I'm talking to yo-- Hey! So, he lay on his back, hands interlaced behind his head, gazing at the ceiling. That's what being a leader is about.

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Soulmate au where everyone has a timer in their soulmate's handwiting counting down the minutes till they meet their soulmate.

Every time I've seen him in the comics he's an unlikeable whinging fuck, but I want to see Marvel change my mind. Milf porn categories. TheDynamo6 Follow Forum Posts: One of his first contacts in this reality is Madelyne Pryor. Also because he has the most structured, beautifully organized, sexy, sexy mindscape of anyone ever on the planet.

You had no idea what was going on! Mister Fantastic Reed Richards - Smartest man in the room and he knows itand will always attempt to use logic and reason, often in direct conflict with his friends and family. Yet here she was, sitting there holding my hand after we ate dinner.

I didn't deserve her. He has a sassy sarcastic side like you, and he was so shy when you met him because he immediately liked you. I'm quite the open Emma fan. The release of the teaser images for both ' Uncanny X-Men 1 and 2 ' and ' Wolverine and the X-Men 1 and 2 ' both due this October showed the rosters for the two respective teams, and I must confess my disappointment when I first saw the cover for Uncanny X-Men featuring Cyclops in the foreground, and Emma Frost behind.

He had to find freedom and even if it meant doing the thing he was most terrified of, he would fight to have it. I need to fix my glasses. I panicked and asked you about homework so you wouldn't suspect anything-" he said while stuttering. Busty spanish lesbians. I looked back up to her.

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Im sarcastic and geeky af, I play 4 instruments and i love music besides country f that. Scott summers naked. This was him stepping up to actual command of the school, students, and everything related to it, something only Storm had done before, during the '80s.

I would rather see Scott alone for a time. Her poor casting in X-Men: Poor writing is her problem. Her and Scott aren't bad together, it's just the writing, which has taken a pretty big spiral. Stop hatin on Scott. What are some good Cyclops runs? Never been to a strip club, but this is kinda how I feel about "booth babes" at gaming things. Xxx fuck big cock. Blame should only fall on the crappy writers. I never realized it but you have a point. Clenching his hands into fists at his sides, he willed himself to open his eyes, to send the painful blasts shooting out from his body with a loud wailing boom.

I have feelings for him ,but I don't want to tell him because I'm afraid it will ruin our friendship She should dump him.

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