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There are two things particularly worth noting. Sexy girls in cuffs. Nobody plays Diablo for the story well, maybe D1 only. Diablo 3 nude mod. To save the archive list so you don't have to re-add that every time, on file, press "set template as default". It might make them think it is not a coincidence.

For example, say you have a barbarian in full plate, but you still want to see his face, use the vanishing dye on the helm and presto. Fixed an issue with Cyclone not scaling with player bonuses. The story is too old to be commented. Druid is where the magic is at, caster or melee and wouldn't require any new stats. Now be honest; how many of you guys who played hundreds thousands? Then patches to make the game better. How about source games, where you can mod everything you want?

A mechanic considered significantly flawed because it completely ignores HP scaling in high-level rifts. Tawny peaks big tits. Was it necessary to have an entire minute of you sitting in a menu? So yes I would say I am a geek. Also I was wondering if we could get a mod for the monk and witch doctor. Holy damage increased at higher ranks from to I'm not saying I dislike Diablo 2. Wizard Added mixed class names with Inquisitor and Necromancer: I'm not so sure about full nudity, you realize there is partial nudity in games everywhere, and unless everyone here is 14 year old giddy kids than it isn't that big of a deal.

Posted May 5, Crusader and Necromancer Released. Snookies12 d ago Oh there are people Haunt gains 35 vitality and 35 cold damage. Fixed some issues with Sudden Impact.

They can - patch the game to perform sanity checks on item - have hacked items? It's all I have In my eyes there is no "nudity".

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I remember when I was 13, positioning the camera up your characters skirt, or facing a wall so the camera is trapped 3 inches from her chest.

Free host for your Diablo Guild: TorontRayneOct 29, There's some enjoyment to be found in both I think but the worst part is that it can often make legitimate players feel like their time invested in marginalized, as you have, and that sucks.

D3 also has a fairly simple story but it breaks internal consistency several times, is full of retcons that completely invalidate whole swathes of the previous games, and has an awful lot of "this shit is here entirely for the sake of being here because.

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Except druid was a summoning class. Flat health regeneration removed. Nude girl shower pics. Diablo 3 nude mod. I love my necro WD, but if something like this comes out Added a level 82 mythical version. How do they make more little demons and demonesses anyway? I cant get this to work. America is a HUGE fucking country with millions of people sharing an extremely diverse culture.

It no longer has a cooldown. Run uMod, add Diablo 3 won't work with the x64 version. I still think that this class could really work on D3. Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when casting Cyclone Strike with 1h melee weapon. Cause this is how you get a job at Blizz. Sexy girl navel. Never got into the Necro in D2 and my Witch Doctor is my least favorite character right now, too. My Paragon level isand I played more than hours alone since RoS launch. Relientk77 d ago Amazing Agree 1 Disagree 0.

I know Blizzard, after evaluation, is fine with graphic injectors like Reshade and the likes but their general stance on modding makes me a bit too paranoid.

It always spawns 3 dogs at once when you use the skill for the first time. Thunderclap's electrocute damage reduced from to over 2 seconds. Removed some non-functional values from Heaven's Fury. Level requirement increased from 75 to Vitality decay damage changed from to over 3 seconds. Both shots are from early, so this is obviously not something new in Reaper of Souls.

Diablo submitted 2 years ago by Fernqvist. College rules lesbian porn. Will basically make Anything under T6 an absolute joke since monsters ususally dont deal enough damage to "Tanks".

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Album of the Skills,Passives and a few example Sets: Custom adventures in Dink Smallwood? Your Demon hunter mod was great, I'm sure this will be good too. Big tits with sex. Reduction to enemy's physical resistance removed.

Hungering Shot and Spray of Teeth: Adds chance to freeze enemies. Please find me examples of that kind of poor plotting in Diablo or Diablo 2. Bonus fire damage increased in all pieces. Naked older women videos Well, at least you already own the PC version - that's the way to go if you care about the gameplay integrity that much. OA reduced from to A fan posted an apparently? Now it has a 12 seconds cooldown at all ranks. Can't wait for the release!

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LESBIAN SEX HIDDEN Additional move speed and cooldown reduction removed. Between that, and the fact that it isn't represented with an existing class, I'm guessing that would be the obvious choice for Blizzard's next expansion. No one gives a fuck.
Hot naked asian chicks Posted May 22, There are no Screenshots at the moment as i'm not in the mood to play right now but some will follow. My mage main My paladin tank.
Soccer girl strips naked May 12, Messages: Posted May 5,
Hot nude young blondes Added internal trauma over 3 seconds. No longer requires a melee weapon.

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